One size does not fit all when it comes to air management within a refrigerated container. To meet varying needs, Thermo King offers a wide range of solutions in a product line that continues to grow and adapt to changing customer and industry requirements. The products provide a balance between science and technology in order to preserve product freshness and lengthen shelf life by effectively managing oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.


AFAM+Thermo King’s Advanced Fresh Air Management technology takes the guesswork out of fresh air exchange, regulating the internal container environment based on the cargo’s respiration cues and pre-set parameters.

AFAM+ has an enhanced capability to adjust the air vent positioning automatically in order to maintain the correct balance of carbon dioxide and prevent product dehydration.

Effective on a wide variety of fresh produce, including avocados from Kenyon, asparagus from Peru, bananas from Ecuador, and sweet corn from North America, Advanced Fresh Air Management technology has helped preserve post-harvest conditions in thousands of perishable loads of varying voyage lengths through the years.