Our investment in quality and reliability delivers longer-life parts and increased service intervals, keeping your unit on the move and minimising overall operating costs. Your investment in Thermo King equipment is best protected by using genuine Thermo King parts, specifically designed for the extreme demands of marine reefer and genset applications.Ensure that your Thermo King unit remains in top condition and maximise operational cost effectiveness by using genuine Thermo King parts and service, every time.



The best replacement part is designed by the original manufacturer and tested to the same high standards of performance, reliability and safety as every other original part of your Thermo King unit.

Genuine Thermo King replacement parts are engineered to provide optimal performance and maximum life, protect valuable equipment, critical cargo, and your priceless peace of mind.

CONSUMABLE PARTSEvery component, no matter how large or small, is important to the overall quality and performance of your unit. Reliability and accuracy are crucial, so each Thermo King component is given individual attention to ensure the highest quality.

Designed for perfect fit and alignment with your Thermo King equipment, consumable parts deliver reliable operational efficiency even in the most extreme working conditions.




Renew your fleet with Thermo King’s wide range of remanufactured parts, including controllers and PCBs, and further reduce your total cost of ownership. Completely remanufactured to the highest standard, every component is tested extensively for reliable operation and a performance level similar to a new part.

Warranty coverage for remanufactured parts is equivalent to new parts warranty, so your repair investment is sound, regardless of its scope.


Release the full potential of your gensets using genuine filters, designed and created uniquely for Thermo King. The life of our filters match our Extended Maintenance Intervals (EMI) allowing the Gensets to run for up to 2 years or 3000 hours before a change of filters and oil is required. This reduces the cost of scheduled maintenance and extends engine life with improved, highly efficient filtration.

AIR: Delivers clean air to improve fuel efficiency and prolong your engine’s life. Filter media engineered to perform in extreme temperatures and high humidity.

FUEL: Elite water separator automatically returns harmful water to the tank guarding your fuel injection system. Engine life is extended by avoiding the risk of corrosion caused by water.

OIL: Robust media provides the cleanest oil to protect the engine components and extend your engine’s life, designed to assure proper oil flow even during cold starts with wire-back synthetic media built to withstand extremely high pressure.


All three EMI 3000 maintenance filters are available in a single service kit from aftermarket. EMI 3000 package is also available including extended life coolant & API rating CI-4 mineral oil.


Contact your Thermo King sales / service manager for more information or support.