Peace of mind. That is what Thermo King’s line of telematics products for refrigerated containers and generator sets offer customers. In port or out to sea, accurate operational data is within reach to ensure equipment, the load, and profits are safe.


The Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM+) is a remote communication device for Thermo King refrigerated containers. Offering long and short distance data transfer and tracking, the technology offers customers assurance that the reefer is operating within the correct parameters.

Directly protecting profitability, RMM+ improves fleet utilization, reduces risk of cargo loss, decreases reefer operational and maintenance costs, and increases safety throughout the entire transportation chain. RMM+ provides high speed transmission of microprocessor information through the data logger by combining:


  • A Global Positioning System
  • GPRS cellular communication
  • Short range wireless capabilities
  • Industry standard ISO 10368
Compatible with MAGNUM® platform technology.



Energy data loggingOur new energy data logging feature is standard on all Thermo King MAGNUM PLUS® units starting in 2018; it tells you exactly how much power your reefer is using. All the time.

Accessible, 360° power usage data

Our energy data logging adds to your power consumption database:

• Logs energy usage during reefer operation

• Makes data accessible via the controller and data download

• Captures a 360° view of power usage including current power draw, trip power usage and lifetime power consumption for the reefer

Better data, better decisions

Decisions can only be as sound as the data on which they’re based. With Energy Data Logging, you’ll know how much energy a reefer actually consumes, depending on how it’s being used.

That means you can make more accurate, informed decisions — and that’s good for both the bottom line and sustainability goals.

Operate responsibly

• Knowing your actual carbon footprint helps in achieving your sustainability goals,

and those of your customers

• Understanding power consumption gives you the opportunity to reduce it; less power means less energy and a smaller carbon footprint

Real data, real decisions

Energy data logging keeps you informed with on-the-job, real-life power consumption, so you can make better decisions about power usage than ever before.